Frequently asked questions

Our top priority is ensuring the highest quality and performance of the SHARROW by VEEM series of propellers, which is why our focus right now is on the testing and development phase, where the first set of propellers will be rigorously evaluated on our test vessel.

We will continue design work throughout the testing and development period on a range of SHARROW by VEEM propellers. While we can’t provide an exact release date yet, we’re committed to delivering a product that meets our and our customers' expectations in the near future. 

For that reason, we are accepting pre-orders now and maintaining a list for those who wish to be kept updated on delivery dates.

We expect the full range of SHARROW by VEEM propellers to be designed and ready for production by the end of 2024. By placing your pre-order you will be given priority once your series is available. 

Please note, that as all SHARROW by VEEM propellers are custom, we will be in touch with you in the coming weeks to get more information which will enable us to properly provide you with recommended design, size and price estimate.

The SHARROW by VEEM propeller range is for vessels with inboard engines. Generally, these vessels start at 30 feet (10m) and can reach 300 feet (90m) for a superyacht. The main vessels we are targeting initially are in the 10m-30m (30ft - 100ft) range, where there are premium production yacht and workboat manufacturers who we anticipate will embrace the significantly better product.

While there will be some similarities between the SHARROW by VEEM and the propellers currently produced by each company, this is a true collaboration in that we are partnering to design and manufacture new propellers that combine our unique and industry-leading technologies for a certain vessel size range.

We aren’t disclosing specific pricing details at this time as we’re still working through designs and completing the initial development phase. 

Manufacturing fully CNC machined propellers is a challenging process to get right, and as you can see, these propellers are significantly more complex. We’re effectively fusing two conventional propellers into one which makes them even more complex. We’re also working on ways to ensure the new SHARROW by VEEM propellers are manufactured to the same exacting standards that our customers have come to expect.The fact that VEEM has grown to be the market leader by supplying superior fully CNC machined propellers, demonstrates that clients see the value in high quality propellers. We are committed to ensuring the SHARROW by VEEM propellers represents the same great value for money.

The SHARROW by VEEM propellers will be manufactured at VEEM’s plant in Western Australia, which has a monthly production capacity of 450-500 propellers. Our first order of business is the testing and development phase, but plans are being made to ensure production capacity will be aligned with demand and expected growth. 

We plan to make the SHARROW by VEEM propellers available globally, ensuring that customers worldwide can benefit from this innovative technology.

We are currently taking registrations of interest for SHARROW by VEEM agents. Please complete the form on the 'Become an agent' page and we will be in touch with you.

Yes. Your pre-order is refundable minus any third party fees and charges. Your refund will be issued to the payment method you made your purchase with.